Receive an Offer

After you have completed your interview, you may receive an offer to teach English at one of our schools in China.

Accept Offer

Usually we want to hear from you within 3 days of receiving an offer to teach English.

Work Visa

Once you have accepted the offer, the first order of business is the work visa application.

Visa for China

Visa Prep

There is a list of documents you will need to gather in order to begin the work visa process. These documents will need to be authenticated/notorized prior to submitting the work visa application. Our team will help you navigate the work visa process. 

Mail Necessary Docs

Once you have obtained all the necessary documents. You will need to send them to your career counselor so we can send them to the necessary department to process your work visa in China. Once you have received the work visa, we will send your documents back to you with your work permit. Once that is complete, you will need to send the documents to the Chinese embassy in your home country. 

Mailing China Visa

Arriving in China

Once you have completed the process and received your visa, you may then legally arrive in China. We will help you book your flights and coordinate your arrival so there is an Endeavor Group staff member waiting for you upon your arrival. 

Teaching English in China
China Visa Process

Work Visa Application

The work visa process takes about 5 business days. You can complete the form online, print it and send it along with all of your other documents to the Chinese embassy in your home country. 

Apply to teach English in China

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