With our network of schools throughout the US and China, we are able to provide study tours throughout the USA. 

Endeavor Group Summer Camp

Summer Immersion Program

This fun English immersion program is perfect for your children to get used to speaking English in a fun and comfortable environment. 

When is it? We offer this special summer program every year. The duration is usually 1-2 weeks. 

Who is it for? It is for the parents and their young children (4-8 years old) 

Whats included; Morning classes, afternoon activities, outdoor activities, and much more! 

Experience American Culture

Students live with American host families where you can see first-hand how they live, and how hey have fun. All of our host families provide comfortable living environments but also showing you the American culture.

Sample Daily Schedule 

9-11am School time with American Students 11-1pm Lunch time and Rest
1-4pm Crafts and special activities: 

‣ Frisbee Golf
‣ Gym Time
‣ Bounce House Water Slide ‣ Bowling
‣ Swimming 

4-9pm After School Activities ‣ Snake River Boat Cruise ‣ Shoshone Falls
‣ Snake River Canyon 

Endeavor Group Summer Camp
Endeavor Group Summer Camp

Children like to play, when they play during this program, they will begin to speak English naturally! 

Host Families 

Live in a home with an American family and experience the culture during your visit. 


Next Steps...

If you are a school that is interested in hosting our students or a school that would like your students to participate in our summer programs, please contact us.