Foriegn Teacher Recruitment

Through our expertise, we have developed a system of bringing foreign teachers to China quick and easy and let us handle the hard work. 

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International Programs

With our network of Chinese/US High Schools, Universities, and vocational schools, we are able to establish international programs to include feeder programs, 2+2 partnerships, study abroad partnerships, student/faculty exchange, and more.

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Summer Study Tours

We have a network of schools throughout the US and are able to provide study tours throughout the USA for students age K-12.

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Our Services

Since our inception, we have established reputable partnerships with public and private educational institutions throughout mainland China and the USA.

The goal of these partnerships is to provide our partner schools with mutually beneficial partnerships, with a unified goal of furthering education.

In the past we have set up international programs for high schools, and universities throughout the USA and Mainland China. These partnerships ultimately help increase enrollment in the US universities while establishing international programs within Chinese high schools and allowing students to further their education opportunities to the west.

If you are a school or organization that would like to establish an international partnership with a partner school in China or the USA, we look forward to hearing from you.


Next Steps...

If you are a school/institution interested in our services, please contact us.