Through our expertise, we have developed a system of bringing foreign teachers to China quick and easy and let us handle the hard work. 

Endeavor Group Services

Our Recruitment Services Include

  • Screening native English teachers 
  • Interviewing Native Teachers
  • Hiring foreign teachers and provide advice for the foreign teachers
  • Assist the teachers with the VISA process
  • Manage the daily life of the foreign teacher
  • Handle Foreign Teachers Insurance, physical exam, and medical treatment
  • Manage all of the foreign teachers travel
  • Assist the school in assessment of the foreign teachers performance
  • Help foreign teacher adapt to China life
  • Airport pickup and transfer of foreign teacher to our partner school

Foreign Teacher Recruitment Process

  • Send a request for foreign teacher recruitment
  • Communicate and understand the scope of cooperation
  • Sign a contract of cooperation
  • Endeavor Group Interviews Foreign Teacher
  • Endeavor Group Hires Foreign Teacher
  • Foreign Teacher Arrives and start working
  • Endeavor Group returns for regular visits
Endeavor Group

Next Steps...

If you are interested in our foreign teacher recruitment Services, please contact us.