Foreign Teacher Recruitment

Through our expertise, we have developed a system of bringing foreign teachers to China quick and easy and let us handle the hard work. 

Full Service

Our Services include: 

  • Screening native English teachers 
  • Interviewing Native Teachers
  • Hiring foreign teachers and provide advice for the foreign teachers
  • Assist the teachers with the VISA process
  • Manage the daily life of the foreign teacher
  • Handle Foreign Teachers Insurance, physical exam, and medical treatment
  • Manage all of the foreign teachers travel
  • Assist the school in assessment of the foreign teachers performance
  • Help foreign teacher adapt to China life
  • Airport pickup and transfer of foreign teacher to our partner school

Foreign Teacher Recruitment Process

1. Send a request for foreign teacher recruitment

2. Communicate and understand the scope of cooperation

3. Sign a contract of cooperation

4. Endeavor Group Interviews Foreign Teacher

5. Endeavor Group Hires Foreign Teacher

6. Foreign Teacher Arrives and start working

7. Endeavor Group returns for regular visits

International High School Programs

With our network of US High Schools we are able to establish international programs within the following types of schools: 

International Kindergartens

International Class in Elementary Schools

International Class in Middle Schools

International Class in High Schools

Purpose: The purpose of these international programs is to provide a school in the US and China with the opportunity to develop an exchange relationship among students and faculty. Typically students will exchange or go abroad for a semester or a shorter duration. 

Study Tour

We have a network of schools throughout the US and are able to provide study tours throughout the USA. 

Summer Immersion Program

This fun English immersion program is perfect for your children to get used to speaking English in a fun and comfortable environment. 

When is it? We offer this special summer program every year. The duration is usually 1-2 weeks. 

Who is it for? It is for the parents and their young children (4-8 years old) 

Whats included; Morning classes, afternoon activities, outdoor activities, and much more!