Endeavor Group was founded in April 2014 on the basis of connecting great teachers with great schools in China. Through our reputation of quality service, business began to grow well above our expectations. In 2015, our owner Damion, moved to China to open an office in Anhui Province. Endeavor Group International Anhui was born. Since the creation of our China office, we have brought hundreds of foreign teachers to China, established international programs for High Schools and Universities, and our business grew into translation and interpretation services as well. 

Founder: Damion Bailey

Damion grew up in Miami Florida. While growing in such a culturally and ethnically diverse city, he knew while in college that he wanted to study interesting cultures and languages and Chinese piqued his interest. After completing college and studying Chinese for two years, he figured it was time to go abroad and immerse himself in the Chinese culture. It was the best decision he ever made.

In his free time, Damion enjoys hiking, traveling and tasting different cuisines. He is also a pilot and enjoys flying from time to time.

Chief of Operations: Seris Lan

Seris was born and grew up in Huainan, China. She has always pondered what kind of life is meaningful, then she found the answer. She believes that the person who creates the most value for others will be rich.

Western culture and the English language are especially popular in China at the moment, and Series has found it the perfect platform for her to help more people in Chila to learn about Western culture and language. It has been her best decision yet!

In her free time, Seris likes to read books. She is also learning to play the guitar.

Academic Programs Manager: Sophie 


The job this company does is unique — it encourages foreign teachers to come to China and fall in love with our country while giving locals the chance to learn English and about Western culture.

I’m always proud of our team when I get feedback that both the foreign teacher and local school are satisfied with our work.

Strategic Partnerships: Helen 

Helen joined Endeavor in 2016. Since then she has grown our strategic partnerships to include partnerships in translating/transcribing, government contracts, summer programs abroad and exchange partnerships.