What We Do 

At Endeavor, we strive for excellence through serving others. Our mission is to provide reputable organizations throughout mainland China with the highest quality talent solutions while also creating significant opportunities for individuals to realize their professional aspirations and achieve personal success through education. We are passionate about our core purpose and will always be dedicated and committed to our teachers, bringing the highest levels of intensity, commitment, and competitiveness to everything we do.

Right now there are over 4 million people in China learning English each year and that number is quickly rising. Chinese schools urgently require more native English speakers to meet this demand. Endeavor only works with the most reputable schools in china. We conduct extensive interviews with site managers and inspect the facilities to ensure they are up to par with western standards for our Endeavor teachers. 

 We currently have over 200 English teaching positions throughout china. Whether you are currently an English teacher, or would like a change in your career, we are confident we can find the right placement for you. Apply Today